MEDIA ZOO TV (responsible for many reality programmes for mainstream television that joe public view).

"Castingfiles has been a very useful service when helping cast our new programmes".

MTV Network Europe

"A big thanks to Castingfiles for all their help Casting a new project here at MTV thanks again for all your help Newton Velji".

The National Geographic channel

"Thanks for all the help with ongoing current casting".

Erika Channel 4

"Thanks to castingfiles for help with funky people with attitude wanted to host new Chat Show".

Matt Marsters (from C4 learning)

"We were casting a new 13part show and decided Castingfiles was a valuble service to use for fresh faces and new talent".

Luke Ashton

"Since joining I've had 3 auditions, 1 commercial paying 1000 for 2 days work - I am very impressed"

Robbie farmer

"Since being listed in the location and animal section - I've been contacted a few times and was contacted recently by Propect TV"

Marcus Williams

"I have been used by the BBC on 2 occasions for walk-on work - I am well chuffed and looking forward to whatever else comes my way"

Fiona Prospect TV

"Have used the service and contacted people from the site"


"Put messages on the site, a very usefull service when you need to act fast"

Nathan Robinson

"Very impressed by the quality of the site - can't wait for the oportunities ahead"

Ministry Of Sound

"A great service and a good promo tool for this superclub"

Chloe Ward from SMP Advertising Agency

"Wanted a Jack Russell dog like the HMV Dog, for an advertisement billboard campaign. Found Castingfiles staff to be more than helpful"

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