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Daniel Casper

Awaiting Picture
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Telephone: 07540888067
Agent/Manager: Show time castings
Complexion: fair
Playing Age: 20-25
Gender: male
Hair Colour: brown
Eyes: brown
Height: 167
Shoe Size: 7

Experience/Special Interests:

THEATRE Paul- Love carousel. Director Simon Parker. New theatre, Chatham. June 5-9 2010 Daniel Stockton- Eveshead. Director Robert East. New theatre, Chatham. June 12-14 2009 Charles- Charles Darwin would be proud-ish. Director Robert East. New theatre, Chatham. November 16-18 2009. Garvey- In the can. Director Jamie Wilson. Hazlit theatre, Maidstone. July 10-13 2001. FILM Craig- Penitence. Director Richard Broad. 4 August-9 September 2011. Mike- Fear the Darkness. Director Adam Moloney. 12 May- 16 June 2011 Son #1- Police bravery of the year reconstruction DVD. Director Peter chipping. 24th May 2011 Teenage Man- The View. Director Neil Neenan. February 6th 2011. Darren- Made for Graffiti. Director Michael Smith. June 12-21 2010 Male Provocateur- The Purpose Maker. Director Guido Basilio. February 15 2010 Tattooed teenager- BE. Director Femi Kolade. July 12 2010. Carl- Fear the Darkness. Director Adam Moloney. October 12-20 2009 VOICE OVER John- World cup. Director Anne Marie. November 16 2009


Acting Writing- Stage and Film

Type Of Work Wanted:

Film, Television, Theatre, Commercial, Corporate video, Music video, Voice over

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