Gemma Carl

Ref: CF274
Email: Contact Me
Telephone: 01142366659
Complexion: fair
Playing Age: 15-20
Gender: female
Hair Colour: other
Eyes: brown
Height: 167
Weight: 50
Shoe Size: 8

Experience/Special Interests:

i have been acting since i was 5 and have been involved in theatre and have had mager parts.i am involved in lamda a speech and drama exam and have passed every level and next year iam doing the silver level i have also been involved in don vallety festavek a verse and prose competition and have usual gone away within the top 3 posisitions! iam in a drama group at the moment and i have a mager part in alladin wich is the sultan! i have also helped out with dronfield players theatre group unfortunatly iam not old enough to act tehre yet but i help out front of house with the raffles,programmes,in the kitchen and with rehersals.i have had alot of acting experiance and hope to be on the big screen soon! i can project my voice very well,iam very funny,lways cheerful and have a laugh but i no when to start work!i make friends very easily and enjoy peoples company and feel that they enjoy mine! my chool english teacher says i have a natrull talent for acting and i m very good wibth my eye expression and my drama teacher says i have great carisma in the acting buisness! please contact me! you wont be let down! i can also have tears come out of my eyes when i betend to cry! iam very good at learning lines! i have learened a main charector of a disney script in 10 minutes befor and i have learnt 3 poems 2 pages from animal farm book by geoge orwell and 1 disney script at the same time and the poems and the book was fior a competition and the disney script was for theatre i also do not suffer from nerves iam happy to just perform infront of millions of people and not feel any nerves! i have also worked with younger children in theatre productuiions and animals all at the same time.and iam very good and the northan accent and the oprkshire and cokney accent! iam always been told that i have some talent and i need to use it apparently iam very lucky to have talent like this some people would give anything for it! iam also doing drama as my gcses and iam hoping to do a daploma in performing arts i love drama its like io go of into my own little world were everytnhing is perfect it trakes all my worries away when i act!


my hobbies include:ski-ing, swimming, canoeing,Hockey,art,writing,writing and reciting my own poems,going to theatres,i also enjoy football and im quite good and reading. i also love making new friends i enjoy peoples company and feel that people enjoy mine!i love Tv and music my taste in music is pop,rock and punk! McFly are my fav band! i also love cooking i appered in the national telegraph when i was 11 for my cooking! i also love fundraising i fundraise every easter for teh alzheimers society and have appered in the alzheimers leaflet about it with my mum. i have my own style and dont go along with the crowd. i love workijg with little children and i love little kids altogether. i love animals!

Type Of Work Wanted:

Acting,Tv Work,Tv Commercials and film work!

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